How to spot a SCAM e-mail |

How to spot a SCAM e-mail

Below we show you an example of a SCAM e-mail and tell you how to spot one.


1. Always check the sender’s e-mail address – this might sometimes seem legitimate, however the forgery of an e-mail header so that the message appears to have originated from somewhere or someone other than the actual source is entirely possible – this is called e-mail Spoofing !

2. Scam e-mails almost always contain a link you are enticed to click on – hover over the link in the e-mail with your mouse cursor to see where it is actually going to take you. Remember, reputable organisations will never expect you to click on any links to login or verify your details – this is called e-mail Phishing !

3. Notice how the logo in this instance is stretched and distorted – a legitimate e-mail from a reputable source will not contain images that are distorted in anyway, especially not a company logo. Look out for bad grammar or spelling mistakes – this is often a very good indication that the e-mail is a SCAM.

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