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What uncapped, unshaped ADSL really means

Broadband services in South Africa normally come as either a capped or uncapped product. Many ADSL and fibre Internet service providers offer “uncapped, unshaped” accounts, promising unfettered connectivity any time of the day. However, not all uncapped, unshaped accounts are equal. Unshaped means there is no prioritisation on any of the traffic on that account. The…

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ADSL problems caused by new Telkom system: ISPs

Internet service providers say that a new management system for Telkom’s ADSL network could be causing issues for users. Telkom has rolled out a new dynamic spectrum management system (DSMS) that is designed to automatically administer ADSL services – ensuring they run at their maximum possible speed while remaining stable. The system was developed by…

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ADSL data use: Cape Town versus Gauteng

There is a difference in how people in Gauteng, Cape Town, and Durban use the Internet – here are some stats Capetonians use more ADSL data than their counterparts in Gauteng, while people in Gauteng start using data earlier, and stop later. It is found that subscribers in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal use 6% more…

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Why VDSL upload speeds are so slow

Even for those who don’t need to upload large amounts of content to the Internet, upload speeds are important Digital subscriber line (DSL) users in South Africa have long complained about the slow upload speeds available on services such as asymmetric DSL (ADSL). Although the downstream capability of a DSL connection is what South Africans…

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