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I don't get the speed I should


There is a few things that you should look at before you do a speed test of the service.

Please us our link: for any speed tests

  1. All other devices must be disconnected from the network and only the device you test with should be connected to do the test.
  2. No data should be used by the device you test with.
  3. Make sure you have a full signal strength from your Access Point (AP) when doing the test from a mobile device. The best way to test is with a direct cable connection to a computer. Be warned however that the overall performance of a computer does have an influence on the speed test. A slow computer will give a false reading on a speed test.
  4. External radio noise will have an effect on signal strength and throughput of data flow. Unfortunately such environmental interference is part of the the problems we fave in the Wi-Fi industry. Normally the engineers maintaining the network infrastructure will try to find a way around the noise to better the connection speeds.
  5. No network infrastructure is perfect and does small problems come to light that might cause network issues. Be assured that the network team will attend to any issues and resolve any issue at their soonest.

Turn off the antenna and Access Point to clear any cache buildup en do the test again. If there is still no improvement, contact support for further investigation.



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