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Can’t send mail


One of the most common reasons is that the user have switched the SMTP server from their landline Internet Service Provider to their 3G, cell phone, wireless provider or vice versa, and forget to switch the server settings back. Remember, you will always use the SMTP server of the service provider providing you the Internet connection.

You can setup an authentication SMTP server provided by your e-mail provider to simplify the sending of mail. With this function you do not need to switch your SMTP server every time you switch your connection. This is specifically true to people that travel a lot and switch between a landline and wireless connection.

To setup an authenticated SMTP service, follow these instructions. Settings may vary from device to device or application to application, but the information will always stay the same.

Information required:

SMTP Host name – or (depended on your ISP)

Secure port – 587

User name – user login ID or email address

Password – your password to login to your mail box


Steps to follow:

Open your e-mail account settings.

Change your SMTP server to your SMTP Host name.

Under More Settings select Outgoing Server

Check the box My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.

Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server or select Log on using if the settings differ from your incoming mail server.

Click on Advanced tab and change the out going server port from 25 to 587. This port might change from provider to provider.

Save all settings and all should be back to normal and working.

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