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Where should I place my router?


The position of your wireless router can severely affect the signal strength and performance of your Wi-Fi network.

Here is a few tips to avoid possible performance issues:

  1. Place the router in the middle of your home, as the signal expands in a radius around the router. Placing it in a room on the far side of your house, will cause your devices to go out of range.
  2. Position the router's antenna vertically, so that they stand up straight. Many routers allow you to place your antenna horizontally but vertically is the best practice.
  3. Elevate your router. Rather place it on a desk or shelf, rather than on the floor. Your reception will be improved.
  4. Do not place your router near devices that give off radio signals or any type of interference. t will severely impact your network performance as a router is not made to cancel out interference.
  5. Do not place your router in a corner, as concrete absorbs the signals impacting the strength of your wireless signal.
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