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Can’t connect to the Internet


Here are a few things you can check for connectivity.

Make sure the power is plugged into your router and turned on.

Make sure that the LAN cable is plugged into the router and to your computer.

Check to see if the DSL line is plugged into the router.

If you are using an internal Wi-Fi connection, make sure the Wi-Fi is “turned on” on your device or restart the router as the router might hang. You can also restart your network device or computer if you not sure how to restart your network device.

Check your router lights and make sure the DSL or Sync light is stable. If the light is flashing, it means that the router is not syncing with the exchange and it might be a line or exchange fault. If you have dial tone on the phone line, then the line might be ok and the fault might be in the exchange. High impedance on telephone lines can cause the loss of data connectivity.

Check the Internet light. It must also be on or changed colour to indicate connection to the Internet. If this light is not on or did not change colour (depending on router make and model), it means that you have no connectivity to the Internet Service Provider. This might be due to cap limit reached, suspension of service or a fault on the ISP side.

If you suspect a line or exchange fault, please phone your DSL line service agent. (Telkom or ISP depending on your service agreement)

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