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Can’t receive mail


One of the most common reasons for not receiving mail is the loss of Internet connectivity. A few things to check are:-

Open any web page that you normally won’t open. Cashed pages might open in your browser and seem if you are connected. The best is to refresh the page (F5) or go to a page not normally opened. If the pages does open it means that you do have Internet connectivity. If the page does not open, it means that you lost connection to the Internet.

A few things to check:-

Check if the router is switched on.

Confirm if you not over your cap limit or over your airtime usage.

For more detail on connectivity, refer to the Internet Support section.

In the event where you do have connectivity to the Internet, please check your mail from the WEB Mail interface. If you can log into your mailbox successfully, then there is no problem with your mailbox. At the same time while you logged in to your webmail, make sure that your mailbox is not full and over its quota. In that case, please clean your mailbox. If you can’t log into your mail box, please contact support by submitting a service request via the ticket system. Make sure that you use the correct user ID and Password when logging on the WEB Mail interface.

At times it happens that you lose DNS settings on your network causing connection failure. Restart all of the systems and the network including the router if you suspect that it might be the case. It has happened before that anti-virus and firewall updates block some virtual ports and addresses that might cause this. Contact you local IT specialist or a VirtualNet agent to help you in that regard.

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