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Mailbox over quota


The most common reason for your mailbox to reach its quota is due to a setting in your mail application. If you use Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Outlook, you will find the setting in the “More Settings” area or under “Advanced Settings” in your mail setup. There is an option “Leave a copy of messages on the server”. Disable that setting or decrease the amount of days to keep the copy on the server. That will resolve the issue. By leaving a copy of the mail on the server causes your mailbox to become full and will block any new incoming mail. If you use other mail applications to receive mail, please consult with the software distributor of your mail application.

Reading mail from your mobile device could also cause your mailbox to become full. If your phone marks the mail as read on the mail server but did not download the mail, the mail will be kept on the server for an infinite time. That means you have to clear your mailbox via the Webmail facilities and could become a frustrating process. The best practice is to setup your mobile device not to mark the mail as read so that you can download the mail on your main collection point for your mail which is by normal your computer.

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